What does Magnesium do for the body?

What does Magnesium do for the body?

What does magnesium do for the body?

Did you know that magnesium can absorb through the skin, more specifically it absorbs when applied topically, anywhere from the waist down AND it assists in over 300 biochemical reactions within the body? This explains why magnesium foot baths are so popular. This one mineral has an incredibly long list of benefits…here are a few to start >

Magnesium helps to relax muscles, calms aches, pains, headaches, muscle cramping and insomnia. It helps reduce cravings, assists with the production of energy, regulates calcium levels, controls muscle contractions, build proteins and new cells and helps to balance the body’s mineral levels. Shall I go on? This one little mineral is packed with amazing benefits and there is no one who wouldn’t benefit from getting more, especially when it comes to sleep! This is why I love magnesium SOO much. Applying magnesium topically can have great results when used just before bed due to its ability to assist in muscle relaxation.

Aren’t Epsom salts the same as magnesium salts?

You’ve heard of using Epsom salts in the bath? Epsom salts are actually dehydrated magnesium sulfate crystals, whereas magnesium flakes are made from magnesium chloride. Both offer the benefits of magnesium of course, however, magnesium chloride is absorbed far better. Knowing this, keep in mind that using magnesium flakes in the bath is your best bet for getting more of this incredible mineral into your system than using regular Epson salts. No time for a bath? I hear ya…trust me. Luckily there are sprays or roll-ons you can apply quickly instead.

The importance of maintaining healthy magnesium levels

For over 15 years I’ve been an avid gym goer and with this comes constantly pulling muscles. More specifically since giving birth 2 years ago I now, for some reason, constantly pull muscles in my neck and back. A friend of mine said I’m likely low in magnesium which I brushed off, I mean she’s not a doctor, what does she know? Then after pulling a muscle in my neck AGAIN and on Australia Day (ruining my day I might add) I went to see a Pharmacist who told me I likely have a magnesium deficiency! Since then I’ve been using Amazing Oils Natural Relief Spray on my feet just before bed every night and I haven’t pulled a single muscle since. I also find the quality of my sleep has improved. This is huge for me personally since pulling something means I can’t pick up my son, drive a car or do anything other than lay there like a sad blob-fish. No I never told my friend she was right…


So, what Products contain magnesium chloride?  

Amazing Oils Bath Flakes (comes in 200g or 800g, for use in the bath)

Amazing Oils Recover Spray (for muscle cramps and spasms, great for after a workout or before bed)

Amazing Oils Pro Pain Relief – assists with:

  • muscular cramps & soreness
  • reduce frequency of migraines
  • nervous tension
  • PMS symptoms
  • supportingbone health
  • promoting energy production
  • restoring magnesium levels



Amazing Oils Baby Calm Gel (if you have a baby or toddler and they don’t sleep well, this stuff is amazing!) I mean that quite literally. My son just turned 2, trust me, this stuff has saved me on many occasions.

Schmidt’s has a deodorant that neutralises odour through a combination of charcoal and magnesium; highly recommended!

Amazing Oils Natural Relief Spray or Gel Roll On (I use the spray)

La Mav Gradual Tanning Moisturiser – Want a tan with magnesium in it? Apply before bed, sleep well and wake up tanned. 2 birds with 1 stone right? Comes in light and medium. They also do a body scrub containing magnesium chloride.

Amazing Oils Magnesium Facial Moisturising Treatment

Imagine what magnesium chloride could do for your face? Exfoliates, detoxes, reduces, fine lines, pigmentation, sun spots, relieves general skin conditions and helps to maintain a healthy balance of magnesium in the body.

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