Nutra Organics Mermaid Latte - 90g

Nutra Organics

For serious stress relief and to help re-energise, this delicious infusion of sea minerals, blue superfoods and adaptogenic herbs makes a dazzling marine blue latte. Ayurvedic chai spices, creamy coconut milk and manuka honey complete the exotic flavours to deliver a gorgeous coffee alternative.


Try sharing this one with the kids as a replacement for sugary drinks like hot chocolate. Try mixing some into a light coloured smoothie to create a super blue smoothie infusion so they can be wowed and distracted for at least 20 minutes while you have some ME time!

What makes Mermaid Latte Blue?

Mermaid Latte contains a Blue Superfood Blend that is made up of Matcha grade Butterfly Pea Flower Tea (a native Thai flower) and pigment-protein called phycocyanin that is naturally occurring in Blue Spirulina (a natural fresh water growing algae).

Enjoy with your choice of milk. 

Certified organic by OFC Australia. Suitable for children, while pregnant or breastfeeding. Gluten free. No added sugar, sweetener or artificial colours or flavours. Contains Manuka honey.

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Coconut Milk Powder*, Manuka Honey Powder (15%), Blue Superfood Blend (15%)[Matcha Butterfly Pea Flower, Blue Spirulina (Blue Chlorophyll Pigment)], Ginger Powder*, Cardamom Powder*, Aquamin Marine Minerals* (Arctic Sea Algae) (6%), Ground Cinnamon*, Adaptogenic Herb Blend (Ashwagandha, Siberian Ginseng, Licorice Root, Milk Thistle), Clove Powder, Star Anise, Cayenne Pepper*, Black Pepper*.

*Certified Organic by Organic Food Chain


Serving Size – 5 gServings per pack – 18

Avg. Qty.


per Serving




Avg. Qty


per 100 g












91 kJ


0.4 g


1.4 g

1.3 g

1.9 g

0.6 g

<1 g

3 mg

81 mg


10 %

1820 kJ


7.3 g


28.6 g

25.9 g

38.6 g

11.2 g

<1 g

58 mg

1492 mg

Percentage daily intakes based on the average adult diet of 8700 kJ per day.

Manufactured in a facility that also processes products containing fish, shellfish, eggs, soy, tree nuts, lupin, and sesame.

All of Nutra Organic’s superfood latte’s are completely safe for consumption during pregnancy and lactation and for persons under the age of 15. This is due to our latte’s being made up solely of organic whole food ingredients.

Add 1 – 2 teaspoons to a little heated or chilled milk, stir to combine. Add the remaining milk to make 200ml. If you would like it stronger, add 2 teaspoons.

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