Natural Rubber Soother Round Small TWIN PACK 0-3 months

Natural Rubber Soother

These soothers are the round style. Yes, you get 2, and yes it's cheaper than buying just 1!

The ROUND Natural Rubber Soother - The round style tends to work better for breast-fed babies because the tongue is positioned under the nipple as it is during breast-feeding, which helps prevent nipple confusion.

The ORTHODONTIC Natural Rubber Soother - Having a flatter teat helps to prevent future dental problems as this allows the baby to hold their jaw in the correct position when using the dummy.

Natural Rubber Soothers are made up of a single piece of natural rubber which means they don’t have joints (to avoid the teat separating that can lead to choking) so they are extremely durable. Compared to its silicone counterpart that can rapidly tear once the surface has been damaged and can become a dangerous choking hazard, the Natural Rubber Soother is a safer option.

Unlike some dummies on the market the Natural Rubber Soother shield does not leave marks on baby’s faces due to the high level of elasticity of natural rubber. The size of the shield also prevents babies from squeezing the soother into their mouths.

Many parents are now looking for toys and soothers that do not contain phthalates, which is typically used to soften plastics such as what's found in regular soothers. What do phthalates do? Phthalates disrupt the endocrine system. This means that they mimic and interfere with hormones. This interference in our body can cause cancer, birth defects, developmental problems, and tumours. They can also damage the liver, lungs, kidney and reproductive systems. The sooner you get this chemical away from your new born and go for a more natural option, the better!

Natural Rubber Soothers are:

  • BPA Free

  • No chemical softeners

  • One piece design eliminates places where bacteria can hide

  • No parabens

  • No PVC

  • No Phthalates

  • Larger shield touches baby’s nose, providing closer simulation to breast feeding

  • Made with 100% sustainable, natural rubber from the tree Hevea brasiliensis

  • Easy sterilisation

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Rubber sourced from renewable and sustainable crops through a tree planting program

  • This Natural Rubber Soothers meets Australian Safety Standard for soothers (AS2432-1991/2008) FDA, European standards (EN1400) and GB 4806.2-94 standards.


Before using this product, please sterilise by immersing in boiling water for 5 minutes, then allow to cool. Clean after each use with warm water and mild liquid soap.

Inspect the product carefully before each use, especially when the child has teeth. Pull in all directions and throw away at the first sign of damage. Being natural rubber, your product will eventually turn brown and feel sticky to touch, this is when it should be replaced.

Rubber is a natural resource and the supply is replenished through a tree replanting program. Rubber used for this product is grown in Malaysia from renewable and sustainable crops and packaged in Australia.

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