Ever Eco Organic Cotton Bag Mixed Set - 4 x Reusable Bags

Ever Eco

These bags are perfect to use in place of plastic shopping bags when buying fruit, veggies, bulk foods, herbs or even baked goods. 

This set gives you 2 x muslin bags and 2 x net bags. These large bags offer lots of space at approximately 30 x 40 cm each. Made from high quality, unbleached GOTS certified cotton, these bags use a drawstring closure that keeps your shopping secure. They're machine washable and a great way towards becoming a more sustainable shopper.

Zero waste. Australian owned. Recyclable paper packaging. Easy washing. 

$19.95 $11.99
Unbleached GOTS certified organic cotton
For carrying your fruit and veggies at the shops. Box contains 4 bags, 2 x net and 2 x fully enclosed cotton.

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