Amazing Oils Magnesium Pro Pain Relief Spray - 200ml

Amazing Oils

Magnesium is the 4th most abundant mineral in the human body. It's required for 1200 out of 1600 bodily functions.

Scientifically formulated with pharmaceutical grade, Magnesium Pro offers relief from pain, cramping, restless legs, insomnia, headaches, migraines, joint pain, PMT, stress and much more. 

Magnesium Pro can also assist with:

  • muscular cramps & soreness
  • reduce frequency of migraines
  • nervous tension
  • PMS symptoms
  • supporting bone health
  • promoting energy production
  • restoring magnesium levels

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100% Magnesium Chloride

Use 1-2 sprays on the surface area and rub in. Avoid contact with eyes and open skin.


Legal Disclaimer: All or any Amazing Oils product information is not intended to be used as medical advice and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, nor should it be used for therapeutic purposes or as a substitute for your own health professionals advice. Always read the label, only use as directed, if symptoms persist, see a doctor.

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