Natural Brands

There are so many brands trying to claim that their products are organic or natural; because of this, we’ve made it our goal to take the hard work out doing the research by doing it all for you! We take into account everything from scientific data, to philanthropic claims, a brands views on animal testing and eco certificates. We are renowned for our thorough selection policy and our standards are met by only the best brands on the market. First and foremost is your trust in us. For this reason, we test and try our products so we know what we’re selling you before we put it on the site. Nothing makes us prouder than presenting you with effective, eco-friendly, organic, natural cosmetics and clean skincare products from the best brands in Australia and around the globe.

 If this is your first time shopping with us, checkout our most popular products which include bb cream, facial scrub, mineral foundation, and certified organic anti-ageing cream.

Here at Natural Society we have over 30 brands with nearly 500 products to choose from. We’ve designed our store to suit your every need. Our brands include products such as natural rubber dummies and organic baby wipes, natural toothpaste, deodorant paste, bamboo re-useable products, anti-ageing creams, body scrubs, fake tanning creams and more. We also hope to expand and add more brands and products to the site in the near future. Our mission is to be Australia’s #1 natural, organic, toxin and cruelty free online store.


We have sever strict policies here at Natural Society that prevent us from carrying any products that could be harmful to you or your family. Even after new products arrive, we check them over again to ensure they are 100% toxin free before putting them on the site. If there are any discrepancies, the products are shipped back to their manufacturers.
The majority of our brands are Australian first. We support Australian whenever and wherever possible from our packing materials to our printed and digital work. After that our brands are mostly European and American. We do not support countries that legalise animal testing.
Don't worry about the brands too much at this point. Head back to the home page and browse the categories such as hair care, kids, or tan & sun. Narrow down what you need from there.
We are literally growing EVERYDAY and FAST too! New brands and products are added the second we're able to. Just remember, we're a small business and it takes time to grow :)
Some of our products have testers available which are on the site. Unfortunately for packaging and health and safety reasons, it's not possible to make all products available to sample. You will however get a free product sample with every order! What you'll get is a surprise each time.