I am obsessed with fake tanning products! I won’t lie…

I used to slather myself in them every night before bed. Then one day I asked myself “I wonder what’s in this stuff?” I checked the label and straight away I could see parabens. I knew they were bad but I didn’t know why. I hopped online to do some research and it dawned on me that our skin is our largest organ and I’m covering myself in this toxic substance from head to toe every night! I then started looking into what was in everything from my toothpaste, to my dish soap and even my son’s baby shampoo! What I learned scared me. I couldn’t have myself or my son grow up being exposed to all of these toxins day in and day out. I did more and more research and the information I found never ended. Then after completing Alexx Stuart’s Low Tox Life course, I realised I HAD to change NOW. Not only that, but I wanted to help others who felt the same way and I wanted the process to be as easy for them as I wish it had been for me. From all this, I started Natural Society.

All products on the site are actually all-natural. A lot of brands and businesses claim that their products are natural, however, when you read the ingredients carefully you’ll see that is far from the truth. I only carry toxin free products; this means no phthalates, no parabens, no SLS, no triclosan, no artificial preservatives or fragrances, no harmful chemicals of any kind, none! I thoroughly go through every ingredient in every product before I let it go up on the site. I also only stock products that are 100% free from animal cruelty. Personally I believe that products should be tested on humans, not animals. If products need to be tested on an animal first, then whatever’s in them we don’t want on us either!

Why should you buy from me? Good question. Natural Society is a small local Aussie run business. This means that funds spent stay in the community instead of going overseas. It means you are helping support a family and one woman’s dream. It means you are contributing to female empowerment. It means that you are buying a little boy’s future instead of buying a CEO another Ferrari.

Natural Society is only getting started. In future I have plans such as working towards being zero waste, offering better deals for members and working with environmental and animal welfare programs so that one day when I leave this world to my son, I can try and leave it a better place than it was when I arrived.

PS, I still use fake tan every night.

Love Tonia xox