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The key to the purity of Himalayan salt is that it’s mined from sea beds (mostly in Pakistan) from the Crustaceous and Permian periods which are between 100-200 millions years old. Due to this, the salt is preserved in dense deposits and is untouched by the toxicity in our oceans.

This makes it ideal not just for consumption but also for use in cosmetic products. Seeing as how 64% of the products we use on our bodies are absorbed by our bloodstream, even the ingredient in a product that does the scrubbing, needs to be just as free from toxins as the salt we ingest. On top of that, who wants to scrub their body with micro-beads, knowing that our sea-life are being starved to death from its ingestion.

So what are the benefits and what products contain Himalayan salt? Good question! Just rubbing your actual skin with an abrasive substance such as mineral salt helps to reduce cellulite, stimulate blood flow and improves the overall tone and health of your skin. When Himalayan salt is ingested it actually helps balance pH levels through detoxification, improves the body’s mineral status, reduces muscle cramps, strengthens bones and can help to improve sleep. Himalayan salt is also abundant in minerals and trace elements such as iron, calcium and magnesium.

All of those amazing minerals help maintain and improve your skin when using a proper Himalayan salt scrub AND using a salt scrub before applying self-tanning products helps to set longer lasting, higher quality tans. The two best toxin free products containing Himalayan Salt are Eco Tan’s Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub AND La Mav’s Summer Salt Scrub. Eco Tan’s scrub gives you bang for your buck and it does what it says it does. The beauty of La Mav’s scrub is that it also contains magnesium chloride which assist in muscle relaxation and aids in sleep when used before bedtime. I’ve added a few extra points about these two awesome scrubs below…  

Eco Tan’s Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub

  • Vegan
  • OFC Certified Organic
  • Not tested on animals
  • Beauty Awards Winner 2018/ Received many beauty awards since 2016
  • Recyclable tube


La Mav’s Summer Salt Scrub

  • Vegan
  • OFC Certified Organic
  • Not tested on animals
  • Infused with magnesium salts
  • Contains scientifically proven bio-actives
  • Recyclable packaging


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