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If you’ve never used natural deodorant or you have tried to make the switch (unsuccessfully I might add) then you and I have something in common. Making the change from the comforts of the same deodorant we’ve been gushing over since puberty can frankly be a bit of a pain. There are so many natural deodorants. How do you know which one is the one for you? What works for one person may not work for another…

Does Natural Deodorant Actually Work?

The first time I used natural deodorant it did absolutely nothing for me, nothing! At the end of day one, my armpits looked like they had just taken 3rd place in the 100-meter back stroke for the Sydney Olympics. For 4 days I endured this lovely “back stroke effect” and I literally thought that all natural deodorants just naturally sucked and I was doomed to go back to using Dove’s antiperspirant spray, destined to die a slow death of poisoning by parabens, isobutene and ppg-14 butyl ether… (for those of you who don’t know, “ppg-14 butyl ether” is conveniently located in your spray on deodorant and will happily try to give you brain, liver, kidney abnormalities and birth defects (giant sigh).

Luckily 4 days of wet pitties was not going to stop me from giving up. It does actually take time for the body to detoxify from all the junk we’ve been plugging our axilla (armpit) region with over the years. So I persevered and you know what? After a week, my all-natural deodorant actually started to work. It wasn’t great, it was good, but each day after that, it improved. I felt a renewed sense of energy knowing that my armpits were now more successful in their detoxification process than Lindsay Lohan in hers. After 2 weeks of using my new deodorant, it worked fully and completely. Not only were my pits dry, all odour I had experienced during my time detoxifying disappeared as well! “Point, Tonia!”

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Which deodorant is best deodorant for you?

Anything is better than what you’re using now if it’s not completely natural and free from toxins. Start with one product, if it’s not for you, after 2-3 weeks, try another. It took me only 2 attempts to find one that worked perfectly for my body and it’s completely worth it. If you have skin sensitivities you may wish to consider staying away from ones containing bi-carb. Think about what fragrance you want or if you want any fragrance at all. Those with VERY sensitive skin may want to try a deodorant that has no bi-carb AND no essential oils. Even though essential oils are completely natural and have amazing benefits, some (very few) people can have sensitivities to them. When it comes to natural deodorants, the key is to read the ingredients. Different natural deodorants use different base ingredients. Some use shea butter, some use coconut oil. If you’ve tried Schmidt’s (which uses a shea butter base) and it’s not working, try one with a coconut oil base (like Acure deodorant sticks.) You’ll know it’s the base ingredient because it will be likely the first ingredient listed. Keep in mind that every “body” is different. Most important don’t give up on a deodorant after only a few days. Keep using the same one for at least 2 weeks to a month, then if it’s not working, switch.You can also speed up the detox process by exfoliating your armpits once a week. Also, don’t ever throw anything out. You’d be surprised how many times you’ll try something, then try something else, then go back to the first one you tried. 

What works and what’s popular?

If you haven’t heard of Black Chicken’s Axilla, you’re missing out. This is by far one of the best selling natural deodorants on the market. Australian owned and made from pure sweat, blood and female empowerment, this stuff rocks! If you don’t want to waste your time and money trying every natural deodorant out there, go for this one first. Likely it will work for you. If you’re one of the few people it doesn’t work for, then you can branch out and explore our other options. 


Comes in regular and barrier booster (bi-carb free), there’s also a sample size available of both. Check them out here. 


Next up is Schmidt’s deodorant sticks. These come in many different scents from Coconut Pineapple to Geranium Flower and more! There’s fragrance free which is also bi-carb and essential oil free, then there’s the Charcoal + Magnesium stick is SUPER popular. This deodorant smells like fallen rain. The charcoal absorbs and clears toxins from the body while the magnesium absorbs odour causing bacteria and helps to increase the magnesium levels in the body required for over 300 biochemical reactions. That means this deodorant packs extra benefits essential for daily functioning. How good is that?!

Ok my minions, go forth and find your dry armpit solution! Good luck!

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