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Tea Tree Oil has been used in alternative medicines for nearly 100 years and its popularity only seems to grow. To make tea tree oil, the leaves from the plant (Melaleuca Alternifolia) are distilled. This plant actually grows right here in beautiful Australia which means it’s abundant and easy to access. The main reasons this oil is so sought after is due to its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antiviral properties. Tea tree oil is typically used for acne, dermatitis, head lice, athlete’s foot, warts, inflamed gums and some studies have indicated that this oil can be used to help fight certain viruses though the research in this area is limited. 

As Tea Tree is a natural antiseptic, it’s often used in cleansers, cleaning products, hand soaps and even in antibacterial gels. It also may assist with helping to prevent the spread of some viruses. The antiviral properties have, in some cases, shown to be effective in fighting pathogens. In a recent study, eucalyptus and tea tree oil were shown to work effectively to manage the herpes simplex virus. A study released in 2013 discovered that tea tree oil was successful at helping to prevent the spreading of influenza which is a respiratory disease that affects the nose, lungs and throat. There isn’t yet any evidence that tea tree is effective when it comes to Convid-19 at this stage, because the virus is so new to society and few studies have yet to be conducted.

So how can you get more tea tree oil into your life through the natural products that you use on a daily basis?

For anyone with an inflammatory gum condition or gingivitis that just never seems to go away, tea tree oil toothpaste works wonders for reducing bleeding gums and reducing inflammation. Grant’s Fresh Mint uses tea tree oil to help fight bacteria in the mouth. It also helps reduce the inflammation that gingivitis causes.

Noosa Basics Foaming Face Wash with Neroli Hydrosol & Black Willow Bark uses Tea Tree due to its antibacterial properties. This helps to gently remove impurities and leaves a clean, bacteria free surface to work with for applying makeup.

Schmidt’s (sensitive skin) Tea Tree Deodorant Stick uses Tea Tree to help neutralize odour, due to its antibacterial, anti-viral and antifungal properties. So for bacteria free pitties, this deodorant is fantastic. 

Another great deodorant is Woohoo’s All Natural Deodorant Paste in “Wild”. This stuff is strong and it’s built for stress sweat. It uses Honey Myrtle which possesses the antibacterial properties of Tea Tree but with a lemon zing! This helps fight body odour at its source and keeps your armpits bacteria free all day long. 


The bacteria fighting properties of Tea Tree also work wonders on acne. The Australian Natural Soap Company’s All Australian Tea Tree Soap helps manage the combination to oily skin that comes with acne. And if you have acne on your body (like some of us get) then try this bar on your arms, chest, or anywhere else you get those nasty little red bumps. OR better yet, just use it to do an extra diligent job of washing bacteria away from your hands throughout the day.



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Note: Please note that tea tree oil should never been ingested. Tea tree should always be used in a carrier oil such as coconut or jojoba oil. We here at Natural Society are in no way suggesting that tea tree products will assist with, cure, or help against fighting any illness or viruses. We are merely repeating facts as found in medical journals located on the web. If you or any of your friends or family are feeling unwell, please seek proper medical attention immediately. 


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