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Natural Skincare, What Does Organic Blue Tansy Oil Do?

This stunning deep indigo blue essential oil strangely enough comes from a yellow flower, native to the exotic countryside of Morocco. Also known as Moroccan Chamomile or Moroccan Tansy, this oil is used widely by holistic aromatherapy experts for its anti-inflammatory, anti-allergen, anti-histamine and its anti-fungal benefits. So what does that mean? Blue Tansy Oil is magic in calming sensitive skin and works wonders to relax the nervous system, relieve stress and tame red, inflamed or irritated skin, including acne and breakouts. It’s also great for eczema, dermatitis, sunburns and for relieving irritation from bug bites. And what does it smell like? This popular oil has a lightly sweet scent without being overpowering, similar to that of a basic natural flower.

This beautiful blue oil is extracted from the top of the Blue Tansy flower, through steam distillation. The oil then naturally turns blue during this process and releases chamazulene, a chemical component that possess all the wonderful properties needed to calm irritated skin and assist with everything listed above. When extracted from the flower, this deep blue oil can be so intense in colour that it can actually stain clothing. That’s why combining it with a carrier oil such as coconut or Moroccan oil is ideal to keep it from leaving a mark.

Due to Blue Tansy’s high demand, it’s important to ensure you’re getting your oil from a reputable source. Acure’s Seriously Soothing Blue Night Tansy Oil is not only vegan, toxin and cruelty free, Acure hold a high reputation in the beauty industry and they’ve combined Blue Tansy with other calming oils so as to prevent your skin and clothes from turning blue!

A good way to know that your oil is real is to check the ingredients list for Tanacetum Annuum. Some brands use Tanacetum Vulgare, but please be aware that this is not the same thing. Tanacetum Vulgare is a more common flower, it doesn’t contain the essential chemical chamazulene, which gives the oil its blue colour and which possesses the anti-stress and anti-inflammatory properties. Often unethical brands will mix a combination of the two oils then try to pass the ingredient in their product off as containing pure Tanacetum Annuum. This type of common Tansy also contains a toxin enzyme called thujone and is not recommended to be used in aromatherapy or skincare products. So long story short, purchase from reputable sources AND check the ingredients list to ensure you’ve got the right flower!  


  • One recent study on Blue Tansy Oil found that through the experimentation of mice (which we DON’T condone!) skin was relieved and wound-healing was improved through the use of the oil after UV radiation exposure.
  • In North America, the Cherokee Native Indians used the plant for backaches, dizziness and weakness. They would also wear the plant around their waste to prevent miscarriages.


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