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This incredible vibrant blue shade is not made from any sort of dyes or chemicals. Hard to believe that anything that beautiful could really be plucked straight out of the water... and the incredible health benefits that go with it when both ingested and used topically are out of this world!

What is Blue Spirulina?

Blue Spirulina (Arthrospira platensis) is actually a phytochemical called phycocyanin that is extracted from Green Spirulina. Green Spirulina is dark blue-green coloured algae that grows naturally in both fresh and salt water! Who would'a thunk? Through photosynthesis, Green Spirulina actually gets its energy from the sun and thrives in alkaline rivers and ponds. It’s then harvested, dried and purified, ready to be mixed into smoothies, hot drinks, used as an ingredient in baking AND better yet, it can be added to high quality, natural skincare products! 


What are the Benefits of Blue Spriulina?

If you remember nutrition class from school, don't we all (cough) then you may remember that foods with bright colours are generally high in nutrients. Think strawberries, spinach, oranges and broccoli. Spirulina is also PACKED with protein (over 60%), it’s a good source of beta-carotene, it contains B-vitamins, vitamin E, vitamin C, chlorophyll and antioxidants. It also carries a range of minerals and essential fatty acids which are responsible for the development and functioning of the brain and nervous system, hormone production, healthy hair, skin, nails, shall I go on? It’s also known to fight against free radicals, and to have an anti-inflammatory effect towards some severe and/ or chronic medical conditions.

Now I hear you asking, what is the difference between Green Spirulina and the Blue pigment that is extracted from it to make Blue Spirulina? Green Spirulina is a whole food. It has a higher concentration of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, there is just one problem with it, it takes like fish! So when Blue Spirulina is extracted, it’s a little easier to stomach than its original concentrate. So if for any reason you plan to start taking capsules, getting regular old Green or just Spirulina capsules will offer better health benefits. Just remember that with fishy tasting pills and capsules come fish burps (burps that smell like fish, no I'm not joking) similar to what you get when you take fish oil pills.

What Benefits are there when Blue Spirulina is used in Skincare?

Blue Spirulina is EXCELLENT in skincare! There’s no fishy smell, taste and no fish burps. This gorgeous blue algae also happens to contain selenium, tyrosine as well as vitamin E, all known for their anti-ageing benefits. These help eliminate free radicals which slows down the ageing of your skins cells. The Chlorophyll found in the powder helps to retain your skins moisture, which helps to maintain the appearance of hydrated skin.

Due to its high calcium, phosphorus, iron and E, B-12 and vitamin A content, it also helps fight free radicals to bring glow back to dull, tired looking skin. It detoxifies, soothes and protects the skin from environmental damage AND it possesses incredible properties for brightening the skin which helps to reduce dark under eye discolouration. Blue spirulina is essentially an incredible ingredient that’s chalk full of beneficial properties when both ingested or used topically.

Where can I get some?

Hands down, the best product containing Blue Spirulina is Eco Tan’s Eye Compost. This luscious eye cream has shown clear results in tightening and brightening the skin using its Certified Organic formula consisting of Kakadu Plum, Hyaluronic Acid with Blue Spirulina. This product literally contains all of the very best, high quality, natural skincare ingredients you could want in an eye cream, but to be honest, when you find something that good, who uses it only under their eyes? If only you could bathe in it... 


Next up is Nutri Organics Mermaid Latte. This gorgeous powder mixes into an eye-catching drink that would stop a whole village of Smurfs in his tracks! With notes of honey, chai, coconut milk and sea minerals, this Blue Spirulina drink is the perfect winter warmer OR summer smoothie antioxidant powerhouse! And because it contains so much protein, it helps keep you fuller longer, which helps keep hunger at bay. Mix with frozen yoghurt, berries, ice or simply hot water and drink its nutrient benefits down to the last drop...

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